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ACE STAR Reviews

Respected Insights

DJ ACE STAR always strives to create music that is unique and sounds great. Browse through the following selection of reviews relating to DJ ACE STAR, covering everything from insights on the evolution of their musicality, to ratings of recent gigs.

70th B-day & 40th Anniversary Party

DJ Ace Star asked for a list of top 10 songs or artists in advance. The event celebrated a wedding anniversary and birthdays for a predominately 70+ crowd. Her selections both conformed and complemented with the list submitted. Everyone had a ball and more than once someone shouted "that's my song" and headed to the dance floor. Previously, I saw DJ Ace Star preside over a special Super Bowl edition service at my church featuring gospel music and fan favorites.  She can adapt no matter the crowd or occasion. Highly recommended.


3rd Time Rebooked

“I’ve booked DJ ACE STAR to book many parties, and it never seizes to amaze me how much passion and enthusiasm she brings to each and every gig. A truly talented and professional DJ with a feel for the crowd!”

never been heartless jus been using my heart less

Winter Wonderland Sweet 16

“Aaniyah's Winter Wonderland Party was a huge success, she enjoyed every aspect of the party so that her emotions overtook her. Your professionalism and expertise at your craft was noticed by many!”


All Clean, All Genres, All Events

“DJ ACE STAR consistently manages to hit all the right notes with undeniably unique mixes and engaging shows, this is one DJ to keep your eyes (and ears) on. DJ ACE STAR's unique style makes a significant impression from all clean music across all genres!”

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